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Pacific Standard Account

The Pacific Standard Account gives you convenient and easy access to your money using our electronic banking channels.

The Pacific Standard Account comes with a free Visa Debit Card which is convenient when you travel overseas or when you want to make a purchase over the internet.

Features Include:
  • Funds available "at call"
  • BSP Visa Debit Card and Pacific Card 
  • Internet banking transfers available
  • BSP branch deposits and withdrawals
  • No interest payable
  • Statements available online via e-statements or available on request
Account Opening Requirement:
  • Initial account opening deposit of $10.00

To open a Pacific Standard Account you will need to fill in a Personal New Account Opening Form and provide valid identification such as:

  • Current Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Valid Permit (including residency or work permit)
  • Utility Bill
You must also be aware of:
  1. Personal Account Fees & Charges
  2. Personal Interest Rates
  3. Deposit Terms & Conditions
  4. Customer Banking Agreement

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