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Avarua Satellite Outage

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cook Islands satellite provider, Bluesky Cook Islands, has announced a satellite antenna outage on its capital in Avarua.

The significant outage will be on Sunday 19th March from 06:00hrs-1200hrs Cook Islands time for antenna maintenance.

Bank South Pacific (BSP) services that will be affected are international cards, Visa and MasterCard and all cards issued outside of Cook Islands will not be used at Point of Sale (POS) terminals and ATMs. However, locally issued cards for BSP Cook Islands will not be affected by this outage.

BSP Cook Islands Internet Banking will be affected. The satellite provider has advised the citizens that the downtime will affect internet banking services for Bank South Pacific (BSP) and Bank of Cook Islands (BCI) customers.

There are some services that can be transferred onto the standby satellite antenna with minor disruptions, however, BSP and the Geo standby internet services will remain off during the outage.