Personal Loans

Renovate your home. Plan a wedding. Apply for a BSP Personal Loan and get extra cash when you need it most.

Our staff will guide you carefully, help you work out how much you can borrow and tell you what your repayments will be.
  • Buying your first home
  • Renovating / extending your home
  • Refinance that fits
You don't have to put it off just because you don't have the cash right now!
  • A simple way to borrow money
  • Take care of short term immediate needs
  • Flexible repayment terms
A term finance facility designed for the purchase, development of re-finance of residential real estate for investment purposes.
You don’t have to put it off just because you don’t have the cash right now!
  • Amounts available from $10,000 and above
  • Finance to purchase a vehicle or other personal asset
  • Flexible repayment terms up to 5 years

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