BSP EFTPoS is a secure, convenient and cost effective way for both customers and businesses to make and receive payments for goods and services.

A BSP EFTPoS terminal will reduce the need to carry excess cash and costs associated with cheques and BSP has the largest EFTPoS footprint with over 450 terminals across the Cook Islands.

BSP offers two (2) types of terminals

  1. Wireless GPRS: This terminal works using the GPRS wireless network and is an ideal solution for business. It operates wherever there is network coverage and is portable and convenient to use.
  2. The IP based terminal: This terminal can be linked to internet via a broadband connection. It has fast, efficient processing times and is ideal for larger installations.

The main features of our terminals are:

  1. The functionality is menu driven, giving you options for purchase plus cash out, balance enquiry, settlements and ability to process credit cards (conditions apply).
  2. The terminals have a large backlit screen for easy reading.
  3. Fast transaction speeds and merchant / customer receipt printing.

The added benefit of using the range of BSP terminals is that:

  1. Convenient, efficient and improves profitability for the merchant.
  2. Reduces cash holding for both customer and merchant.
  3. Reduces the need for cheque payments and the associated risks and additional costs.
  4. Transactions are paid directly from the customer to the merchants bank account.
  5. BSP EFTPoS terminals are simple to use, reliable and easy to reconcile with daily settlement reports.
  6. Cost effective with no terminal rental fees
  7. BSP will provide on-call support 24 hours, 7 days per week.
  8. BSP accept the following cards and payment options:
    - BSP PacifiCard
    - BSP VISA Debit Card
    - Cirrus Card
    - VISA Card (both domestic & international)
    - Mastercard (both domestic & international)
    - American Express Card (optional)

EFTPoS Brochure

For more information, please view our EFTPoS brochure.

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